Chrysanthemum Show at Trowell Garden Centre

The September chrysanthemum show has classes for the group of chrysanthemums classified by the National Chrysanthemum Society as early flowering chrysanthemums (ones that flower in September). The blooms in this group that have one bloom per stem are known as disbudded chrysanthemums (they have had all of their side shoots removed), the blooms that are comprised of a cluster of smaller flowers are known as sprays (these have not had the side shoots removed). Chrysanthemum flowers cover a wide range of autumn colours and this combined with their large sized blooms makes them suitable for exhibiting, display work and garden decoration. Usually at the show all sections of the early flowering chrysanthemums are on display.

The exhibitors who normally support the show are experienced and many of them have won top awards at the National Chrysanthemum Society Show and its regional shows at Birmingham and Harrogate. Some of the exhibitors will be at the show during the public viewing period and will be available to answer chrysanthemum related questions that visitors may wish to ask.

Some exhibits from last year's show
Winner of Best in ShowChrysanthemums at the showChrysanthemums at the show