East Midlands Daffodil Show

Sunday 26th April from 11.00AM to 4.00PM at Trowell Garden Centre

East Midlands Daffodil Show at Trowell Garden Centre

It will be open to the public to view the exhibits, many different varieties, as soon as judging is completed, which is normally about 11.00am. The show closes at 4-00pm. Admission to the show is free.

There are literally thousands of cultivars of daffodils in commerce. Each cultivator belongs to one of the 13 Divisions used by the Daffodil International Classification Committee. Daffodils from most of the divisions will be on display at the show, so a wide range of types and form will be represented,there are a couple of divisions which generally flower at times outside our show date.

Show type daffodils generally have better form and colour ranges than the ones used for normal garden display. The exhibitors who exhibit at the show, include some who have won at some of the country's leading shows including The National Daffodil Society Show, Royal Horticultural Society Show and Harrogate Spring Show. The awards that have been won by these top level exhibitors include Best Exhibit in Show and Best Bloom in Show.

Visitors to the show will be able to view blooms of the standard mentioned above, and also chat to the exhibitors about the various methods used to grow and exhibit daffodils. Also anyone interested in growing daffodils for garden decoration will be able to chat to one of the exhibitors who specialises in this area of daffodil cultivation.