Our Grow Upp Garden

What's this Grow-upp garden I hear you say?

This is Trowell's very own 'hands on garden area' situated out on the plant area,created in our own 'hands on way' to share with you our current products on the market, from the fencing to the planting, how they work,how they look and how they grow to help inspire you to enjoy these in your garden too...

Gardening is a pleasure enjoyed by all ages,and the aim of all gardeners is to enjoy all plants growing up and the journey they have to go through from seeds to fully established plants,hence we have no better name than the Grow Upp Garden for our garden here in Trowell Garden Centre.

A Great Green House... and one that won't blow away!

Check this one out from Swallow (GB)LTD,a 6'8x 8'4 ,£1310.00. The company offer a very practical and top quality range from this one up to over £8000.00!

This one offers a very practical indoor lay out to allow for 'grow bag space' or tubs,particularly good for tomatoes,aswell a mid shelf top the other side for preparation work and a higher shelf for those feeds act best kep out of childrens way.the Company is UK based and offers optional extras aswel as installation.

The Tomato Tournament.....Grafted versus Normal?

In our tomato grow bag we have planted 3 standard 'Shirley' tomatoes,as they fitted neatly in the grow bag, but at the same time we planted 2 Grafted Tomato plants in 2 tubs,using same soil from a grow bag to keep it all fair.

Regular watering,removal of side shoots and weekly feeding on the first sign of the flowers has of today July 1st produced the first tomatoes on guess which plant....... The Grafted! Keep watching!

M&M Timbers

Fencing, Arbours,Garden Archways,Raised Beds for planting all at sensible prices for a good quality practical product.


Raised beds

These allow for a very tidy,easy way of planting either for all flowers ,vegetables or herbs without having to work too hard,just tip that new compost in, and in soft soil plant away,avoiding any back breaking digging into the ground! We are delighted with our Cabbages,lettuce,and variety of herbs.Containers of strong summer bedding close by appears to have kept the little critters, like slugs away, albeit with the rain of late we have doubled up with a suitable spray for Vegetables just to ensure the keep looking good.

New Grow product

Now on the market from 2 of our Top Suppliers Westland-Gro-Sure and Scott's-Miracle-Grow Flower Magic. Here in the Garden in April we utilised 2 of our raised beds,filled with the same compost to see what the 'all in one mix' of seeds ,feed & Coir will look like in full flower.

Here now in June,this is the growth to date,looking very healthy,both types and just about to flower soon,we will keep you updated........or better still come in and see for yourselves.

Plant Containers

A wooden palette if you are the Eco friendly type,can provide a great wall mounted way of display of flowers with the help of some added weed control and a staple gun.We planted this in April and its coming on well but the more growing that goes on the better it will look! Gorgeous coloured ceramic pots can really lift a garden, aswel as some useful character pots,like the Cats,can make you smile.

Wild Life Attractions

Birds....enjoy the use of one of our lines the Gardman Deluxe Bird Feeding Station,the addition of a base to this product means it can be free standing effectively,helping to avoid those pesky Squirrels.With so many great feeding products in the market this feeding station allows you to utilise more than one which will help attract a variety of birds to your garden.

Bees.....Encourage our British Bees....Bright coloured flowering plants you can't go wrong we have enjoyed watching these everyday in the garden always around these,but also they enjoy Lavenders, Geraniums-(Cranebill),Herbs particularly Sage, Rosemary, mint and many other sweet smelling plants not forgetting certain vegetables,Broad Beans to name one!

Butterflies....they enjoy the garden particularly Buddleia,but look out for the Solar versions,just add them to your flower bed areas or pots, which can add a pretty effect during the day aswell as at night.

Garden Wooden Benches

A must have in the garden to allow you to sit back and enjoy,see our full range in the centre,starting from £159.99 but don't forget to consider solid Stone too.



In the Garden we show our Melmar bird table,a matching container and toad stool,a great Statue of Neptune from Borderstone,amidst other enjoyable pieces,albeit not used at the moment in our garden but just so useful is the many types of lose gravels and landscaping stone circles available here from Livingstone.

Watch this space for more additional changes or better still come along and enjoy our garden as much as we do!