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May's Plant of the Month: Herbs

Thyme for herbs!

Create your own culinary herb garden that looks almost too good to eat!

Try planting a selection of tasty herbs valued as much for their ornamental appeal as their flavour. From sage to thyme, rosemary to clipped bay and flowering chives, combine herbs valued for their ornamental beauty to produce long-lasting displays as well as regular pickings for the kitchen.

Low-growing thyme is a herb garden favourite, perfect for making a herb carpet, softening the edges of gravel paths, or filling gaps between paving. With flavoursome foliage in greens, silvers and golds, plus colourful flowers too, they'll look good and provide pickings all year. Try flavouring casseroles, soups and sauces with homemade bouquet garni made from sprigs of thyme and parsley wrapped in a bay leaf.

Alternatively other herbs can be added to suit your culinary creations, such as rosemary, basil, chervil or tarragon. Herbs have so many uses from using fresh in cooking, making pesto, infusing into herb oils and vinegars, or making herb teas.

Whether adding to salads, cooking with new potatoes, or making herb teas, mint is a versatile herb with many uses. Their colours and flavours vary immensely from powerful peppermint and spearmint to those with an underlying taste of apple, citrus, banana, red berries, and many more. And for chocoholics everywhere there's even Chocolate Peppermint with a hint of dark chocolate. Irresistible! (Just remember that mint is one herb that's always best kept contained to prevent it invading your borders, so grow it in a pot or large bottomless bucket.)

Top tips for successful herb gardens

  1. Although many herbs are of Mediterranean origin and relish hot dry conditions, to get the best from herbs in pots most require regular watering to prevent their compost drying out completely. Try standing pots in saucers of water so pots can take up moisture as required.
  2. Add fertiliser to one watering a week to keep plants growing strongly, or mix slow-release fertiliser granules into compost at planting time.
  3. Regular picking some herbs, like basil, encourages side shoots to form, keeping plants bushy and productive.
  4. Pick and dry the leaves of herbs like thyme, sage, bay and many others to store and use when cooking.
  5. The flowers of many herbs can be used to brighten summer salads. Use flowers from chives, basil, coriander and thyme.
  6. Coriander has a habit of bolting or running to seed, but enjoy their flowers as they'll encourage beneficial insects, like hoverflies, into your garden. Let plants set seed, then collect and dry coriander seeds to grind and use when cooking spicy Indian dishes.

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Pickmere Perennials

I was very privileged to be invited by owners Terry & Ann to enjoy the impact of summer colour in their home-grown herbacious fields and see their nurseries hard at work in order to supply companies like us with these stunning plants. Trowell buys most of its herbacious plants from Pickmere as we strongly believe in buying British-grown, top quality plants that offer value for money and provide clear and informative labelling.

About Pickmere Nurseries

Pickmere Nurseries has over 35 years' experience in growing perennials. Many are propagated from their own field production, resulting in a consistent grade and quality. They are the largest grower of herbaceous plants in the north of England and have a huge selection of over 1200 varieties. The nursery moved to its present 2.5 hectare site near Knutsford in 1980, and added a further 3 hectares in 1990.

Enjoy these pics of some of the stunning plants we have in stock, in their flowering glory!

Grow-Upp Garden

What's this Grow-upp garden I hear you say?

This is Trowell's very own 'hands on garden area' situated out on the plant area,created in our own 'hands on way' to share with you our current products on the market, from the fencing to the planting, how they work,how they look and how they grow to help inspire you to enjoy these in your garden too...

Gardening is a pleasure enjoyed by all ages,and the aim of all gardeners is to enjoy all plants growing up and the journey they have to go through from seeds to fully established plants,hence we have no better name than the Grow Upp Garden for our garden here in Trowell Garden Centre. Click here to find out more about our Grow Upp garden.