Alexander Rose

Alexander Rose was originally formed in 1994 to sell predominantly wooden garden furniture to The UK from a large factory in West Africa. By 2008 after listening to customers and realising the desire to create the indoor look outdoors weave living sets started to also be designed. Manufactured in The Philippines where century old traditions of hand made weaving are still proudly used today. Since 2010 the manufacturing of most wooden furniture to include the sustainable wood ranges was transferred from West Africa to Bolivia.

On a mission to become totally green Alexander Rose takes environmental responsibilities very serious in the form of sustainable materials production, carbon footprint reduction and recycling. Strong ethical values such as good employee conditions in safe working environments are a key fundamental for this very respected company. Today there is a large selection of stunning wooden and woven furniture to select from. Confident of quality all products come with a warranty.

Alongside retailers products are also sold to Landscape Designers who work on projects for hotels, spas, golf clubs and care homes in addition to 20 percent now being distributed to Europe. So whether on holiday, playing a round or visiting a friends house you never know when an Alexander Rose piece of furniture will pop into view.