Handy Packs

The Handy Packs Stand provides all those necessary and useful gardening accessories.

Seeders are a great invention to make sure you get the planting spot on. Great for pots and trays they prevent wastage and crowding. There`s even a super seeder to impress your friends with.

Unless you have a superb memory then plants need to be labelled. There`s a good selction of labels to choose from in the form of different sized plastic, wooden and even the Tee plant label where you attach the seed packet to provide the ultimate reminder. Seedling protection labels are a nifty idea which also keep your little ones safe from beesties such as greenfly. Write the name on the non adhesive side, put in the tray then remove the adhesive backing to reveal a yellow sticky delight to tempt those seedling nibblers to their death.

This is the right place to find those greenhouse fixing clips great for securing support lines. Also perfect for fitting insulation, shading or films in an aluminium greenhouse.

No longer are lead headed nails a needle in the garden centre haystack. Proudly on display in the Handy Pack Stand you can swiftly attach the necessary plant stems to masonry and posts.

Where else would you find a post and line for marking out boarders or preparing drills. Yep, you`ve got it!

If wires, ties and twists are your thing then we have you covered with this little stand of helpful wonders. Garden wire also comes in a heavy duty plus galvanised version to fine tune your needs. The twisty tie is rubber coated which is gentle on plants while string, clip wire, wire twists, stemfix and trimmerline are also great options. Cable, plant and tree ties alongside plant to wall ties complete the list thus providing the answer to all your attachment needs.

Thought you`d have to throw the water butt away due to a broken tap, well think again. Replacement taps plus diverter kits are available to save you time and money.

If collecting rainfall data is your thing then knock yourself out with the ultra useful rain gauge.

Cane accessories to guide plants on their travels have not been forgotten. Grips and eye guards are readily available.

Fabric is another gardeners friend making these pegs, T pegs and staples a great find.

For keen composters who like to avoid the peg on the nose then the replacement charcoal filters for the compost caddy will be greeted with open arms.

No longer is an alarm needed re opening and closing the greenhouse vent thanks to Autovent for Greenhouses. Once the temperate has been set to perform these actions you will never have to worry about your little treasures being cold or having enough fresh air again.

A low cost 180W greenhouse tube heater provides gentle heat without drafts or hot spots plus gives frost protection. Added value is that it can also double up for sheds, garages and out buildings.

Before all this hard tiring work is started the avid gardener needs to look after ones self. The gardeners utility belt will keep tools on hand whilst the knee pad and kneelers keep you pain free for longer. The Working Hands Hand Cream will be a godsend after a challenging day outdoors as it is guaranteed relief for dry hands that crack and split. Odourless and non greasy means others will find it hard to believe you have actually done any work at all.