Fish & Pet Products at Trowell Garden Centre

The Maidenhead Aquatics Team

Welcome to Maidenhead Aquatics Centre here at Trowell Garden Centre.

Manager Martin, and colleagues Nat, Michael and David share 48 years’ experience of working in the aquatics business, so between them, you will never be short of advice or knowledge in helping you set up a tank or develop one you have already!

Not forgetting that Outdoor Pond too, which can be a real asset in the garden to drawing wildlife, as well as enjoying the fish you can home in it!

Martin is an extra proud Manager, having recently been awarded the Top Centre in the Nottingham area by his Manager for the centre’s success!

The product range, the variety, with Fish from all around the World, and at good value too, makes this centre a worthwhile visit for both Adults and Children to enjoy this fascinating and wonderful world!

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